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New Member/Novice Beaver Creek Trip 6/29/2019

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11 photo(s) Updated on: July 02, 2019
  • The "dry fly team" looking for victims. Set that hook Charlie...! Those little wild guys are very quick at a passing fly.
  • Rob working with Warren on casting a dry fly into the seam.
  • Tom Vargas demonstrating how to work a streamer on a shallow stream for Joey and Mark.
  • On stream nymphing techniques with the group.
  • Alan instructing on the proper setup for nymphing that 4' channel in the creek.
  • Scouting Beaver Creek for the teaching locations before we "wader up".
  • Stopping off at the bridge over the NF of the Stan for a water reading session with Alan Wyosnick before we drive into Beaver Creek.
  • The TVFF instructors after a great day on Beaver Creek with our terrific new members. Alan Wyosnick on the nymphs, Tom Vargas on the streamers, and Rob Farris on the dry flies.
  • TVFF instructors and team: Mark Evans, Joey Tchang, Alan Wyosnick, James Sprecher, Tom Vargas, Kent McCammon, Chuck Wortham, Charles Brown, and not pictured Warren Wagner and Rob Farris.
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