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Jim Roberts

For over two decades Jim Roberts has guided, explored and fished the area around Mt. Shasta. He will talk to us about his experiences and share tips about where and how to fish the area.

Jim Roberts first picked up a fly rod at 13 and since has spent countless days fishing different waters from Argentina to Alaska. He has accumulated a wide range of experience in the fly fishing industry, from producer of fly fishing videos, fly shop owner, instructor, guide, writer, and manufacturer.

Jim first got his guide license in 1995 and currently guides on the Lower Sacramento River for rainbows, the Trinity River for steelhead, the McCloud for rainbows and browns, and the Klamath for steelhead and salmon. He still enjoys the thrill and excitement of getting somebody into a fish or sharing knowledge with a fellow angler.

Jim is a sought after fly-fishing speaker. With thirty years’ experience and his professional training as a teacher, Jim is able to share his knowledge to help other anglers make it to the next level. His goal both on the water and at a presentation is to make fly fishing instruction as fun and rewarding as possible. After 30 years his passion for chasing any fish with a fly is matched only by his desire to teach others about fly fishing.

You can reach Jim at 916-765-8668 or

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