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Intermediate Indicator Fishing

These sessions are designed for beginner to intermediate fly fishers that wish to learn and improve their skills with indicator nymphing techniques. The course is a two-part series which includes two 3-hour classroom sessions and an on-stream session with TVFF instructors to assist attendees with applying the classroom learning. This course does not cover Euro Nymphing, which is a more advanced and refined skill for higher level intermediate and advanced fly fishers.

The curriculum includes:

  • When to fish with indictors and various types for conditions
  • Indicator fishing equipment (rods, reels, fly line, & leaders)
  • Hardware (swivels, tippet rings, split shot) and proper use
  • Indicator style casting (open loop, tuck cast, water load) options
  • Mending on the stream (right, left, stack mend) for dead drifts
  • Fishing multiple flies and rig setups
  • Setting up for the right depth with indicators, casts, spit shot & weighted flies
  • Finding fish in trout lies (mixing lanes, obstructions, banks)
  • Adjustments for stillwater fishing, techniques and presentation
  • Tools and approaches (anchoring, chutes, wind, trolling)
  • Setting the hook, fighting the fish
  • Setting up at the right depth; use of longer leaders and use of break-away indicators
  • Wind implications and adjustments


Check our event calendar to see if this course is already scheduled. If not, please submit the interest form below. The club's Education Director will contact you when we receive enough interest to start another class.

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