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Annual Planning Guide

The table below lists the key dates for significant events, fishing seasons, hatches and fish runs. Also make sure to check the club's event calendar for more outings and other activities. Please let us know if there's anything else we should add to this list!

 Description Date Est. Costs
Feather River Steelhead openingJanuary 1 
TVFF Officers Installation and meetingFebruary 4, 2021 
Pleasanton Fly Fishing ShowCanceled 2021 due to Covid 
Kistler Lakes bass fishing March 20,2021 $25
Kistler Lakes bass fishing April 10, 2021


Skwala flies on the YubaMid March
California Opening Day - FishmasLast week in April 
Fundamentals of Fly Fishing Class

April - May TBA

Trout in the Classroom fish releaseMid April TBA 
Shadow Cliffs Veterans First SupportLate April TBA 
Hat Creek Salmonfly/Golden Stonefly hatch camping tripMay 13-16 $25
Sac/American/Feather River Shad run
Late May 
Eagle Lake openingMemorial Day 
Green Drake Hatch (Little Truckee)
Lake Almanor Hex hatchMid June 
Truckee Watershed camping trip (for key hatches)June 25 to 28, 2021 $40
Annual Stewarts Lodge BC tripEnd of June
Summer Wente Boy Scout CampMid June - Mid August 
Salmon Season openingJuly 16 - Dec 31 
Annual TVFF picnicEarly August (meeting) 
Annual Club Montana trip (J Roberts)Late August - early September$2,000
Heenan Lake opening (Lahontan Trout)Weekend before Labor Day 
Pyramid Lake opening (Lahontan Trout)October 1 - June 30
Annual TVFF cleanup of Arroyo Mocho - LivermoreMid October 
October Caddis hatches (McCloud/Upper Sac)Mid-Late October
Late October Lower Sac rainbow biteMid-Late October
Fall Mexico trip (sites vary)Late October - early November
Annual Trinity River Steelhead tripMid November
California Freshwater inland season closureNovember 15, 2019
Voluntary spawning closure for Putah CreekDecember-February


  1. Many times are approximate for hatches which vary based on weather and water conditions
  2. Actual events and costs will be posted on the website when finalized with notification emails sent to the membership at large
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