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Truckee Watershed Trip 7/25 - 7/28/2019

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33 photo(s) Updated on: July 30, 2019
  • An appropriate first picture of 2 Fish & Wildlife agents on the prowl. Never leave home w/o your license and pinched barbs!
  • Kent and the Little Truckee crew...
  • Mitchie crossing the Little Truckee.
  • The famous and well named "Frustration pool" of the Little Truckee from the path.
  • Why is this man smiling? See next picture and you'll understand how frustration can turn to jubilation...
  • Now why did I cast that fly into the tree?
  • Jon Baiocchi joining us for dinner and helping with flies for the rivers. And very much enjoying Mitchie's desserts.
  • Truckee river full of Glossosoma Caddis in their homes.
  • Gary working "Frustration Pool" on the Little Truckee at the upper lot. Says he wasn't frustrated, but I don't see that rod bent.
  • She bakes, she decorates, and she throws a nice loop here on the Truckee at "Horner's Corner". Way to go, Mitchie!
  • Kent prospecting on the Little Truckee.
  • We had great midge, PMD and Green Drake hatches. And we just missed the Stonefly hatches as you can see from their calling card husks here in the Truckee.
  • Who's teaching whom here? Mitchie heard that the foam is home, and she's right there...
  • Mark "shopping" for a 2nd nice rainbow; this time from the Truckee at Glenshire
  • Kent and Mitchie at Glenshire on the Truckee working the seams.
  • Mitchie with her homemade mini apple and Pecan-scotch whiskey-chocolate pies BEFORE gearing up to fish the Big Truckee. That girl sure knows how to keep our attention...(you get no credit, Kent)
  • She bakes, and she decorates with flamingos, too! Never a dull moment when Kent and Mitchie are along on a trip...
  • It was great to have Susan Hufford's kids along on the trip. No way that any of us were keeping up with their varied and high activity levels over the weekend.
  • Bugs eye view of the Little Truckee
  • Upper Little Truckee
  • Mark hooked up with a nice rainbow.
  • Rob and Mark fishing the Upper Little Truckee.
  • The top run of the Little Truckee.
  • Camp mascot (a bit too friendly).
  • Rob dropping some knowledge
  • Fishing guide Jon Baiocchi giving the group the scoop on local water
  • Rob and Mike on the Little Truckee
  • Mark with a rainbow on the Little Truckee. Thanks to Rob for the assist.
  • Wading across the Little Truckee
  • Campsite visitor
  • Lunch at Jax on the Tracks
  • Rob and Mitchie preparing for the Big Truckee
  • Rob wading the Big Truckee
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