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Lake Almanor hex hatch trip 6/18-6/20

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17 photo(s) Updated on: June 21, 2019
  • And this is what everyone (trout included) are waiting for. The Hex nymphs swim 30' to the surface to hatch as adults and mingle with our nymphs and dry flies and hopefuly be consumed.
  • Almost "showtime" as the sun sets. And the Lake looks like a bowl of Cheerios with all the float tubes.
  • Mark watching all of the evening launch activity. Or perhaps he's acting as the traffic cop as float tubes and boats come from everywhere.
  • "Tooning it" on Lake Almanor with lots of company waiting on the evening/dark Hex hatch.
  • Chris has figured out that there is not much activity as you wait for the evening Hex hatch. No better time to catch a quick nap.
  • A late afternoon view of Almanor as the crowd waits for dark and the Hex hatch to begin.
  • Lake Almanor with a few friends shopping the Hex hatch.
  • Camp TVFF right next to the Lake.
  • Looking toward the Lake from the campsite at Rocky Point.
  • Bill "hunting" on Butt Creek. Bring your short cast game...
  • Beautiful Yellow Creek west of Lake Almanor, looking north.
  • Yellow Creek in the valley looking south. Lots of undercuts "potentially" hiding nice Browns, but officially un-verified....
  • Mark, Bill & Rob in the Yellow Creek valley.
  • Mark, Bill & Chris ready to tackle the creek.
  • Mark, Bill, Rob and Chris at Yellow Creek
  • Chris fishing Butt Creek
  • Bill and Chris fishing Yellow Creek
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