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putah creek entomology field trip - March 2019

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26 photo(s) Updated on: April 01, 2019
  • As you can tell, there are some questions about the height of the river. But as we found, there are lots of bugs still about in the shallows and riffles.
  • Our riverside "bug station". Collected three trays full of aquatic life from mayflies to stoneflies, caddis, and analids.
  • The famous "glory hole" up above the Monticello dam at Lake Berryessa. With Putah Creek right below its no wonder that it was running 5X normal with this amount of overflow.
  • And Chris was collecting trash for Mitchie's conservation program. Way to go Chris!
  • This man can smile; he caught the only fish of the day! Some would call it bait, but it was a fish well documented nonetheless.
  • What in the world is this indicator Chris? Polka dots and dual indicators?
  • Poppies well in bloom up on highway 128 at Putah Creek. As well as blue lupine. Great time of year to get out.
  • Blue Lupine growing sideways on the hill...
  • Three trays; lots of bugs in there. And McCann right in the mud as usual....:)
  • Eric and boys getting ready to dive into the trays and see what we got...
  • Lots of good stuff in this tray plucked out of the shallows at Putah. You just need to look very carefully...
  • Do you see the Caddis larvae in there? Nice looking house, huh?
  • And you thought that you only dug these up in the garden? And the Squirmy Wormy that Chris had caught the only fish of the day. Yes, they work and especially so in high water when they get dislodged
  • A nice stonefly from the field trip. Appears to be he hellgramite's mama...
  • One of our two Hellgramite friends sun-earthed in the shallows.A mean looking little creature. Watch out of those two pincers on the mouth.
  • That's one good looking mayfly nymph. Appears to be a classic blue wing olive. Good job finding this one!
  • Nice little smallie from pre-field trip scouting visit on Putah. Sucked in a fast stripped woolly in fast water.
  • And then on the same scouting trip, this cute big girl also hit my Woolly in fast water. Measured her between 25-26". Looks like I'm gonna need a larger net this year...
  • The Entomology Field Trip, but no big yellow bus...12 along for the trip and scooped up a lot of bugs from Putah Creek. Everybody was all over it and collected many different species. A fun day.
  • An unusual "alien monster" from the shallows of Putah. Appears to be a Hellgramite which aren't seen too frequently here. Nasty little sucker with huge jaws. The team found two of these guys.
  • Mitchie pointing out yet another specimen.
  • Is everyone excited and energized about looking for, and identifying bugs? I couldn't find more excitement if I had taken a group of 4th graders...:)
  • Is this a stream side prayer meeting or an entomology class?
  • One of three collection areas for us above the bridge. And Mr. Education, Kent, is deep right in the middle of it.
  • Digging out the bugs and Hellgramites on Upper Putah Creek and a side creek outflow during the Entomology class field trip. Great job guys!
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