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TVFF Montana Trip - Week 1:  8/24-9/1/2019

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81 photo(s) Updated on: September 06, 2019
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  • The Madison river from $3 Bridge.
  • Soda Butte creek in the background from the park highway.
  • Bob fishing a channel on the Madison below Quake Lake.
  • The upper Gallatin river and meadows in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Gary hooked up on the Gallatin.
  • Another view of the upper Gallatin river meadow.
  • Todd showing good high sticking form and pounding the banks on the Ruby river.
  • Always great sunsets from the house on Hebgen Lake. And great food as well. And did we mention the open bar...?
  • An Egret also looking for fish on the Madison river. We got more that he did...!
  • An Elk checking us out on the Gardner river.
  • An up and close view of an Elk just across the river from us on the Gardner river.
  • Bob in the Lamar Valley on Soda Butte creek.
  • The long view of the famous Lamar Valley wildlife area and Soda Butte creek.
  • The boys upstream and Todd scouting for Yellowstone Cutthroats in Soda Butte creek.
  • Soda Butte creek and the trail into the back country.
  • Oh yea! Lots of Buffalos in the Lamar Valley; often holding up traffic crossing the roads. Up close and personal with us in closed vehicles.
  • Marty and Jim fishing the Gardner river "hole" with an Elk in the background evaluating Marty's technique...We must have pulled some eight cutthroat out of that one hole.
  • The TVFF boys at lunch on the Ruby with Rob, Bob, Gary, Dave, Marty, and Todd. And a great thanks for Jim Roberts for keeping us well fed throughout the trip.
  • Bob with a gorgeous and fat rainbow on the Ruby River. Very nice fish, Bob!!
  • Great view of the scenery from our picnic table and lunch on the Ruby river.
  • Todd with one of his many Browns on the Ruby River.
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