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Fundamentals of Fly Fishing Class - On Stream Practical

  • May 21, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Livermore Rod & Gun club or outside location TBD
  • 8


  • Registration for this session covers both classroom and casting instruction. Payment must be received within 14 days of registration.
  • Includes credit card fee. Registration for this session covers both classroom and casting classes.

Introduction to Fly Fishing Class - On Stream Practical Session

There is only open to TVFF Fundamentals Class students and registration is included with the initial classroom session and tuition.  It is a practical, rod-in-hand session on the water at the NF of the Stanislaus (above Arnold, CA) on Saturday May 21, 2022 that will be a full day's trip with individual instruction.  The river is approximately 2.5 hours from Livermore, and we will return in the evening.  

TVFF membership and Fundamentals Class Tuition is required to participate in this class.  Registration is only available on Session #1, whcih registers you for all subsequnet sessions


Costs for the class cover all materials, including Club provided rods and reels during the course, and including the 110 page class Syllabus for each student.

Cash price: You may pay by check or cash directly to the Club Treasurer within two weeks of registration and not pay the credit card surcharge of 3.0% if you desire. If you do pay cash you will be put into "Pending Registration" until your payment is received within the two weeks. Late payments will require you to register once again if there is space still available. The cost for this class is $0 for TVFF members and $0.

Credit Card price: Price of $0 for participants includes payment by credit card with the 3.0% surcharge.  Payment for guest including the annual membership fee is $0.

Additional Costs: Any housing in Arnold or Murphy's for the on stream practical session (optional, since we will be driving up and back in a one day), and any lunches during the day (which will need to be brought up with you as we will not be returning to town during the day).

Education Director: 

Please register here on the website to secure a spot in the class.  If you need further information please contact Rob Farris (TVFF Education Director) at (925)286-5502 or email me at

Full Class Agenda:

  • Introduction to fly fishing and equipment needed for the sport
  • Recommendations on fly fishing equipment and buying wisely
  • Basic aquatic entomology (fish food for the hungry…)
  • Stillwater (lake) fishing
  • How to tie the knots you need to know
  • How to rig a fly rod (leaders, tippets for different kinds of fishing styles)
  • Reading the water for success in finding fish
  • Fishing rivers and streams effectively
  • How to pick the right TVFF outing for yourself
  • Etiquette, safety and courtesy while fly fishing
  • Casting instruction (roll cast, overhand, false casting)
  • Applying the classroom knowledge to on stream success

TVFF Cancellation Policy:

To sign-up for a TVFF Event that is currently open for registration and chargeable (as set by the Fishmeister), you must both register and pay online, or via check or cash, within two weeks of registering (sent to the TVFF Treasurer) whatever fee is described for that particular Event (trip) at the time of registration. There may be multiple payments required before the trip is actually taken (usually in the case of expensive trips), but it is necessary that you do make payment in the above timely fashion for the initial amount to secure your position on the trip. However, please note that you are still responsible for the entire amount of the trip if you should need to cancel.

Once you are registered, there are no refunds for chargeable Events and trips.  In the situation that a member is, for any reason unable to attend, they may resell their registration slot to another TVFF member (by first pulling from the waitlist if one exists).  New participants must come first from the waitlist in the order they signed up.  The member cancelling is fully and solely responsible for contacting potential members to replace them and notifying the appropriate Fishmeister.

If an event/trip is fully registered and closed to registration, you may still sign up on the Wait List to be notified if there are any cancellations.  In such a case of registering provisionally on the Wait List, you do not have to pay until such time that you clear the Wait List and are confirmed for participation.

Tri Valley Fly Fishers

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Protocol

TVFF Outings Policy as of September 20, 2020

As a club, the Tri-Valley Fly Fishers have developed and agreed to a set of required guidelines, protocols and rules in order to help direct our members on ways to stay safe day, multi-day outings, or individual “Tag-Alongs”.

These protocols were developed by the TVFF Board of Directors as well as input from other local clubs which included a member virologist, various safety committees, and member experts. We feel that these protocols and guidelines are consistent with public health information and experts. These protocols are assured, observed, and enforced by outing leaders as well as members themselves. Extra masks, spray disinfectant and sanitizer are available from the outing leaders.

Please note that the Tri-Valley Fly Fishers accepts no liability for inadequate protection or the transmission of Covid-19 among members or guests. Therefore, each member should review the following protocols that the Club subscribes to and make an individual decision of whether to participate in an activity or not, based upon their individual circumstances and personal safety.

TVFF Outings protocols are as follows:

  • If you are sick with cold/flu symptoms then we ask you to please stay home
  • All attendees should drive up and back alone for outings unless you are in mutually agreed social bubble where both parties have been tested negative and agreed to the risk (such as family members)
  • On all outings the Club will have available and use an Infrared Thermometer temperature checks
  • We believe in social distancing and require that all members keep a full fly rod distance of at least 6’ distance between parties
  • We ask that all parties wear masks if within 6’; even if only briefly.  Note that the CDC has not recommended the use of buffs or gaiters as the material is not thick enough for adequate protection.
  • Everyone will be responsible for making, bringing, and consuming their own separate food and drinks
  • When camping all members and guests are required to use separate camping tents or rooms, when hotels are arranged
  • Please handle your own gear (and your own fish!) only.  No sharing for doctored fish pictures.
  • In the event that there are common surfaces (i.e. car surfaces, door handles, etc.) please wipe them down with sanitizer or hand wipes
  • All attendees should wash and sanitize their hands frequently
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