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Kistler Bass Ponds Trip #2

  • April 20, 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM
  • Kistler Ranch
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  • Open for guests of members

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Event Description: 

This is a bass trip to Kistler bass ponds outside of Oakdale, California.  It is an unguided trip, and an excellent one for both families and those new to fly fishing.  It is close to the Tri-Valley and has excellent shore access as well, and can accommodate large groups such as TVFF on several different ponds.

Fishing is available from either the shoreline or from float tubes or pontoon boats.

Cost:  Cost is $25 payable in advance, and does not include any food or licenses.

Fishmeister:  Ken Tetzel

Accommodations and Food: Each individual is responsible for bringing along their own food and drinks as there are no facilities available at the ponds.

Gear and Tackle Recommendations: 

Rod & line weights/types: I use a 7wt rod with a floating line. 6 wt rods would be fine also. Some guys use a Sink Tip and strip large flies if the top water action is slow.

Leaders and tippet: For myself, the leader set-up isn’t critical. 10 or 15 lb mono around 6-8’ is fine. Whatever feels good turning over larger flies. Keep it simple.

Flies: Like all fly fishing, what to use can be a good question! I prefer to use hard body bass poppers in a medium size and blue gill poppers on occasion.  Frog olive and is my go to color. I enjoy chasing bass with top water flies. It’s not always the most productive but it makes me feel good! If you decide to fish wet; Muddlers, Wooly Buggers, Hares Ear Nymphs, Damsel Fly Nymphs, Light Clousers and any other recommendations from club members. 

Other Gear: Beer, bourbon, lawn chairs, bug repellent, camera, water, determination and a few good jokes! Kistler is a fun kinda’ fishin’ place. It’s not like the high stress trout fishing at all. Enjoy!

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