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Truckee Watershed Camping Trip

  • July 25, 2019
  • July 28, 2019
  • Stampede Reservoir, Logger Campground
  • 3


  • Truckee watershed camping trip

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Event Description: note new date change to July.  This is a 3 night-4 day camping trip at Logger Campground, Stampede Reservoir with four days of fishing the Big Truckee, Little Truckee, and Milton Lake for rainbow and brown trout.  It coincides with the peak of the multiple aquatic hatches in the area, and will include river wading opportunities and a day of either float tube or bank fishing at Milton Lake.  Fishing techniques to be used include traditional indicator nymphing, Euro nymphing, streamers, and dry fly techniques.

Registration is already large so the camping group will be split up to fish the various locations during each day as to not crowd each other. We will be fishing the Big Truckee at Glenshire, Boca, Hirschdale and downstream in the Farad area with access via a 2 mile riverside trail. We will also be splitting into smaller groups to fish the Little Truckee on the main river in three separate locations, as well as the Boca inlet and Cave Rock. I will be asking a few folks to be assistant Fishmeisters on the trip for each group, and we will be providing maps as well.  The third group each day will be at Milton Lake off highway 89 near Jackson Meadows.  And then we'll play musical chairs and shift the groups to new locations each day with full reports that evening over beer and scotch around the campfire.

On this first evening, July 25th we are planning to have Jon Baiocchi, a local guide join us over dinner to discuss where, how to fish, and current flies that are working in the areas at that particular time.  It should be a great kickoff for 3-4 full days of fishing in the area since we won't be going in "blind" to the conditions.

Hatches during this period should include: Blue Wing Olives, Midges, March Browns, Red Quills, Mahogany duns, Green Drakes, Pale Morning Duns, Little Green Drakes (Flavilinia), Golden Stones, Little Yellow Stones, Spotted Sedge Caddis, Green Sedge Caddis, Saddlecase Maker Caddis, Micro Caddis, and the usual crawfish and baitfish (streamers) so a lot to prepare for. You may want to stop in Mountain Hardware in Truckee (an excellent selection of local guide tied flies) to check on their excellent reports and  superb fly selection, as well as anything else you may need for the week.

Cost:  Cost of $20 per angler to cover the cost of the local guide presentation over dinner on current fly fishing suggestions on the waters we will be fishing.

Fishmeister:  Rob Farris, (925)286-5502;

Accommodations and Food:  

Campsite Reservations:  You should make your reservations now.  We have reserved two double campsites for TVFF that are next to one another in Logger Campground (sites 110/111 & 112/113) as our general staging and dinner area.  Each double campsite can accommodate 4 tents and 2 non RV vehicles (extra vehicles cost +$5/day), so we are offering those reserved sites to the first 8 TVFF anglers that have signed up that are not bringing up their RV/motor homes.

Those first eight (8) campers who have already secured their campground space based upon time of signup on the signup sheet include: Mark Spruiell, James Williams, Charles Brown, Gary Prince, Patrick Donovan, Chris McCann, Roger Perry, Marty Loomis, and Rob Farris.  For the above registrants, please let me know ASAP (  if you cannot make this trip or wish to secure your own campsite for an RV If we have any fallout I will move the next person up into your slot at the main double campground.  If you are unable to make the trip please cancel your registration on the TVFF website,, click “Already Registered” and proceed to cancel.

For those not on the list above or bringing an RV/Motorhome, you may want to secure a campsite at Logger Campground.  Our site is located in the Iron Ox Loop, close to the kiosk check-in station and restrooms.    Campsites are $23/night for singles and $49/night for doubles. 

This campground on Stampede Reservoir (just above the Little Truckee) is quite popular and fills up quickly, so you should make your reservations as soon as possible to secure a site.  The reservation site is listed below, as are the maps availability links.

Each individual is responsible for their own food, however we are planning for a group potluck the first evening with a local guide joining us for dinner to fill us in on current conditions, gear, flies, etc.  

Gear and Tackle Recommendations:

Rod & line weights/types:  4, 5 or 6 weight rods, reels and floating lines

Leaders and tippet:  Fishing style dependent but normally I fish a 9’ 4X leader and adjust with added tippet of up to 4-6’ of 5 or 6X for the dry flies.  The Truckee is home to large browns so if you plan on throwing some streamers you'll want a 5 or 6 weight rod as the current flow can require a stouter rod.  Lake fishing will be dependent upon your style as well.

Other gear:  Standard waders, boots, wading staff (for the Truckee), float tubes only allowed on Milton with no motors, and normal fishing wear.

Flies:  Flies to match hatches above and we will send out a more current list as we get closer to the dates and better understand how the weather and water are impacting the hatches.

Current Fishing Reports (Mountain Hardware-Truckee):

BIG TRUCKEE: Flows on the Truckee River are still in great shape. Water temperatures have been on the rise with these warmer days. Best times to fish are the early mornings, with the water temperatures being their coolest due to overnight cooling. Success is being had nymphing in the faster riffles. Fish are in these waters because they need the oxygen provided in this type of water. You can still get some fish by skating your caddis dries, but nymphing is still the best producer. Steamers are also a good bet in these faster riffles too. Ask the guys at the shop how to best fish theses, and don't forget about those crayfish patterns. It's busy out there on the water, so give your fellow angler plenty of space and don't crowd them. Release your trout as quick as possible and try not to handle them if at all possible. These high temperatures really stress out the fish. Try and be off the water by noon to help minimize the stress on them.



FLOWS: 98.1 CFS!

LITTLE TRUCKEE: The flows on the Little Truckee River remain at 95 CFS, at these flows anglers will have to be stealthy if they want a shot at these fish. Cox tippet, long leaders (12 FT) and accurate fly selection are all a necessity. As with most everywhere; fishing here will be best in the mornings and evenings. However, being a tailwater the water temps have remained relatively stead in the mid-60's.


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