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Who doesn't love a good trip report? Members are welcome to post their reports here or on our Facebook group.

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  • May 02, 2019 1:11 PM | Rob Farris (Administrator)

    See the source imageFished Putah yesterday with Marty Loomis and Gary Prince on a great clear and 75 degree day.  Flows are way down and now at 330 cfs vs 1,500 last month.  Water temp is in the high 50's, and wading conditions are good.  We fished the bridge and staircase, and then access #1 and #5.   All three of us were Euro Nymphing with mostly small Zebra midges.  Midges were hatching of course, along with Glossoma Caddis later in the afternoon.  No surface activity at all, so it was all down on the bottom with our rigs.  I didn't get into any more big guys (darn!) but hooked 5, and landed four 10" rainbows; three on the #20 Zebra, 1 on a #18 Perdigon, and 1 on a #16 BH Hare's Ear. Marty also got into a small rainbow in the riffles.  As usual, Putah Creek took its toll on flies, and I lost a couple of two fly nymphing rigs and another fly in the bottom junk.  We all recovered nicely with a great happy hour dinner and  some $4 "805" beers at the Buckhorn in Winters.  All in all a nice day on the water, and only 1.25 hours away for wetting the waders.

  • April 17, 2019 7:00 PM | Mark Spruiell (Administrator)

    Just got back from a day and a half on Baum Lake. The weather was decent with temperatures ranging from the low 30s to around 70.

    There were plenty of folks out enjoying the lake. These guys saw me catch a few:

    I managed to land a total of 16, including a new personal best on this lake of a 23" rainbow:

    Stripping an olive wiggle tail on an intermediate line near the shore was the most productive technique for me on this trip.

  • March 26, 2019 7:36 PM | Rob Farris (Administrator)

    Fished Putah Creek this past Tuesday after scouting for our Entomology Field Trip scheduled for Saturday.  The creek is high and 5X its normal flow and almost impossible to wade at 1500 cfs.  Nevertheless,  I found a few nice calm seams above the bridge between the current flows and landed two nice fish; a 15" smallmouth (never knew they existed in the upper Putah) and a gorgeous 25-26" female rainbow.  Both were caught on a Woolly Bugger stripped on an intermediate sinking line.  Pictures in the Events Gallery.

  • February 26, 2019 7:56 AM | Rob Farris (Administrator)

    Lots and lots of rain last night.  Over 9" at Venado by the Russian River and storm track is right through Marysville.  Gauge at parks Bar rose from 3,800 cfs at 9 PM last night to 18,000 today at 7 AM.  Jon confirmed that we'll have to postpone the workshops until the river comes down...:(

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