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Spring Pyramid Lake Trip - Cancelled

  • April 16, 2020
  • April 21, 2020
  • Pyramid Lake, NV
  • 5


  • Payment must be received within 14 days of registration
  • Included credit card fee

Registration is closed

Event Description:  

This trip has been cancelled since Pyramid lake has been shutdown to the CoronaVirus.  Depending upon when it is cleared will dictate whether this can be re-scheduled this spring but that is doubtful at this point.  This is the annual spring Club trip to Pyramid Lake fishing for large Lahontan trout. This event may be either a fully guided event using local guides or individual fishing, based upon interest. In any event, the fishing will primarily be from ladders, or watercraft if the prevailing winds allow.

Several of our members will be on site the entire five day period, but individuals can determine how many days they prefer to fish and set their schedules accordingly.


Cash price: You may pay by check or cash directly to the Club Treasurer within two weeks of registration and not pay the credit card surcharge of 3.0% if you desire. If you do pay cash you will be put into "Pending Registration" until your payment is received within the two weeks. Late payments will require you to register once again if there is space still available. The cost for this trip is $25 for TVFF members and $70 for non-members and guests that includes an annual membership to TVFF.  

Credit Card price: Price of $25.75 includes the payment by credit card with the 3.0% surcharge. Guest cost is $70.75 for non-members and guests that includes an annual membership to TVFF.

Fishmeister: Chris McCann

Accommodations and Food:  

Accommodations and food are available at the lake at Crosby's Lodge (rustic cabins in high demand) or in Sparks at multiple hotels/casinos (45 minutes away by car).

Camping (with the necessary tribal permits) is available along the lake as well in non reserved, first come first served un-improved sites.

Below is some general information about the area.  Shoot me an E mail or give me a call for more detail. 

925 321-0678

Permits:  Tribal fishing permits are required and will be checked by rangers.  The lake is all barbless and strictly enforced.  Permits can be purchased on line or at the lake

Pyramid Lake Rangers

Links. PLPT Home. Ranger Home. Permit Pricing. Purchase Permits Online. Re-Print Permit. Fishing Survey. Permit Vendors (updated 1/15/2020) Lake Map (print). Lake Map (large). Pyramid Lake Fisheries Website


Traditionally this time of the year is primarily ladder fishing with indicators with chironomids and balance leaches.  Some may also choose to strip beetles and wooly buggers, depending on the wind and lake moss.  

Patterns:  The go to chironomid is the Albino wino, other popular patterns are Snow Cones, 49'ers and blood.   Attached is a link to the Reno fly shop with other patterns.  As the time gets near, I will send out what patterns are on tracking.

Marabou Midge - Reno Fly Shop | Northern Nevada Fly Fishing Outfitters

A stillwater classic that has seen a Pyramid Lake upgrade. The RFS Marabou Midge is heavy (tungsten bead), durable (epoxy coated) and angler proven to catch huge Lahonton Cutthroat Trout.

Balance leaches popular colors are black, midnight, brown, olive. and white

Streamers are the typical wooly buggers, colors are midnight, black and chartreuse, although we have had some success with Tui Chub pattern.

Beetles are your typical white back with chartreuse, black back with red or motor oil body.

Sizes can vary between 8 and 12's  although I will go all the p to 2's on the streamers.

Rods & lines:

I use 7 wt to 9 wt.  Floating line for indo fishing full sink or sink tip for streamers and beetles.  Tippet is fluorocarbon 8 lb to 15 lb.  I usually use between 10 & 12 lb.

Ladders:  Any 4' to 6' ladder is fine.  If you don't have one, we will need solicit the membership to see what we can find.

Werner 350 4-ft Aluminum Type 2 - 225 lbs. Capacity Step Ladder at

Shop werner 350 4-ft aluminum type 2 - 225 lbs. capacity step ladder in the step ladders section of


There are several options  ( I would suggest to stay near the lake, the trip into Sparks ends up taking an hour each way )

The old Crosby lodge fifth wheel trailers

Sleep between 2 to 3 depending on the unit.  They are clean and self sufficient, easy to find and next to the lodge.  Cost is about$ 110 a night

Lodging — Crosby Lodge

LODGING. Crosby Lodge offers our guest a plethora of options to choose from for their stay at Pyramid Lake.With all of these options that we offer, we are sure that you will find a cozy spot that is just right for you. PLEASE CALL 1-775-476-0400 FOR CURRENT PRICING AND AVAILABILITY.

Camping at either the Marina RV or on one of the beaches

The Marina is full hook up with showers

Contact Jerry at 775 304-5398

Cost is $ 30 a night or I think 150 a week

Beach camping is open parking but no hook-ups.  You need to call Jolene at 775 686-9355 

Then there is Sparks hotels,

Reno Hotels – Sparks, NV Hotel | (800)-648-1177

The Nugget Casino Resort is located in the heart of Victorian Square in Sparks, NV, Our Reno-Sparks Hotel offers accommodations, casino thrills, dining, nightlife and entertainment that are nothing short of extraordinary.With a newly renovated, full-service casino and Resort tower guest rooms, we are committed to making sure your stay at our hotel near Reno, NV is comfortable, enjoyable and ...

Homepage []

The Western Village Inn & Casino in Sparks, NV offers 147 designed rooms and suites complete with ample space to relax in comfort. Suites include kitchenettes for true vacation relaxation.

Gear and Tackle Recommendations:

Rod & line weights/types: 7,8 & 9 weight rods, reels with floating and sinking lines.

Leaders and tippet: We will be fishing for large fish up to 28" and 10+ pounds that are not leader shy.  Hence using 2 or 3X leaders while fishing from the ladders, or 1-2X if trolling or pulling a streamer is the recommended setup.

Other gear: Standard waders, boots, with float tubes, pontoons, or kyacks if you plan on floating the lake.

Flies: Flies to match the lake activity will be determined as we get closer to the dates and better understand how the weather and water are impacting the fish.

TVFF Cancellation Policy:

To sign-up for a TVFF Event  that is currently open for registration and chargeable (as set by the Fishmeister), you must both register and pay online, or via check or cash, within two weeks of registering (sent to the TVFF Treasurer) whatever fee is described for that particular Event (trip) at the time of registration. There may be multiple payments required before the trip is actually taken (usually in the case of expensive trips), but it is necessary that you do make payment in the above timely fashion for the initial amount to secure your position on the trip.  However, please note that you are still responsible for the entire amount of the trip if you should need to cancel. 

Once you are registered, there are no refunds for chargeable Events and trips.  In the situation that a member is, for any reason unable to attend, they may resell their registration slot to another TVFF member (by first pulling from the waitlist if one exists).  New participants must come first from the waitlist in the order they signed up.  The member cancelling is fully and solely responsible for contacting potential members to replace them and notifying the appropriate Fishmeister.

If an event/trip is fully registered and closed to registration, you may still sign up on the Wait List to be notified if there are any cancellations.  In such a case of registering provisionally on the Wait List, you do not have to pay until such time that you clear the Wait List and are confirmed for participation.

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