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Highest Chinook Salmon Migration since 2014…Yuba Report

November 12, 2023 9:54 AM | Rob Farris (Administrator)

Highest Chinook Salmon Migration since 2014…See it Now.

It’s that time again, and the salmon are running hard this year.  The attached video (done by Mike Weir with CalTrout) is short and to the point; the salmon are in and very prevalent this year.  According to one biologist this year is the best for Chinook salmon since 2014.

Take the opportunity to get out on one of our coastal streams (Feather, American, Lower Yuba, Lower Sac, etc.) and witness this incredible experience. I got out last week on the Lower Yuba, entering from Hammon Grove, and it was amazing the number of salmon that were spawning and in various stages of their life ending journey in the river.  I found  one slow tail out that had at least 100 salmon up to 30” spawning with a family of river otters stocking their freezer for the winter.

Sad to say that I couldn’t pick off a few steelhead gorging on the eggs (like those on Alan’s float trips), but the “up close” experience with the salmon was just amazing.  So, take your spouse, kids, or grandkids and see one of the best acts that California has to offer.  It’ll be over in another couple of weeks.  And don’t be afraid to hike a bit to spot them.

Check out Mike’s video posted on CalTrout’s Instagram channel.

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